Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Inglot Eyeshadow Swatches

Inglot recently posted on their twitter that they were releasing some new eyeshadows, nail enamels and mascaras.  Once I saw pictures of the new eyeshadows (plus they only released 5) I knew I would have to have them!!  There are 3 matte finish and 2 double sparkle finish shadows ranging from blue to green.  They are:  #315, #316, #317, #610 and #611.  I have included swatches below as well as some comparison swatches.

Matte #315

Matte #316

Matte #317

DS #610
(this picture is blurry but you can still see the color)

DS #611

All photos were taken in natural daylight, but not direct sunlight.  I usually swatch in front of a window that has the most natural light available.  I did all of these swatches on my bare forearm with no base.

I took the best picture of each swatch, cropped them and then used photoshop to make one picture with clear swatches.  This is the order that they were swatched on my arm but because my arm is not completely flat some swatches were blurry while others were in focus.  I also added the numbers below the eyeshadows as well as the finish.

After my initial excitement and ordering all 5 eyeshadows, I took a better look at the pictures and noticed that I already had similar shades.  The first comparison photo that I have is #316 and #317 with #372.  If I would have swatched #372 first, it would have looked like a gradient of color.  These three shades are a light, medium and darker bluish teal.  If you have #372 already, you might not need both #316 and #317.  If you love teals you will probably be pleased with any of these.

Next up is #371 and #315.  #371 is a very bright, cyan blue with a matte finish.  #315 is a darker azure blue.  These two are obviously different in shade and undertone but this is the closest color eyeshadow that I own.  From other swatches it seems like #322 might be more similar to #315.  

The two DS eyeshadows #610 and #611 reminded me of #57 and #58, which are both AMC finish.  #58 is a bright grassy green and #57 is a medium forest green.  #610 is a jungle green with some gold sparkle throughout.  #611 is a little darker but also more of a true green with the same gold glitter.  Below you can see swatches of all the eyeshadows together.

Here are a couple of more individual comparisons:

All in all I'm pretty pleased with my purchase.  I called one of the stores in New York (Broadway location?) and just ordered mine over the phone as they were not available online yet.  They were really helpful and even called a couple of days later to let me know that my order would ship within the next few days.  He even took my order while the store was busy even though I offered to call back the next morning (Thank you Bryan!!).  I spoke with Heidi the next morning to verify my order and she was just as helpful.  I prefer ordering online but I couldn't wait!!  I love Inglot shadows and will eventually purchase more, but I want to wait until I can see everything in person.  The finishes just don't translate well over the computer (unless you have them swatched) so hopefully this helps some of you decide on whether or not to pick these up.

To help describe the colors I just googled "shades of _____" blue or green and picked the first wikipedia link that popped up.  I should probably invest in the Pantone index or something.  Let me know if you plan on picking these up!  Here is a picture of the look I'm going to post tomorrow:


  1. OMG!!! Gorgeous shades!!!!! I so need to get me some inglot! If only it wasnt no expensive =(

    1. They really are worth it though. I would recommend if you are able to check out a store though so you can see the finishes or look up decent swatches online. always has really good swatches! I'll do a price comparison post one day :)

  2. I was just about to say I hope you do a tutorial on that look haha! Thanks for the swatches Taime!! I'm sure when I go to NYC this summer I will check these out! I do have a lot of similar colors though... Still <3 teals haha

    1. Yes, their teals are gorgeous!! Plus they have one of the nicest matte formulas :) Have fun in NYC this summer!!

  3. Oh wow! 316 looks stunning. This was really helpful. Thankyou, xx.